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Electric or Magnetic Field Plot

If the ExternalField box is selected, the energy level plot window will plot the energy levels as a function of electric or magnetic field, rather than as a function of quantum number. Additional controls become visible at the bottom of the control panel to control this plot. Most of the other controls operate the same in both modes, so see the energy level plot window documentation for details.

Field Range


ESweepBSweepFieldLabel Select the field to scan. (If B is selected, the units change to Tesla = 104 Gauss)
MinField Minimum value of field for plot
Label15MaxField Maximum value of field for plot
Label16FieldSamples Number of fields to calculate the energy levels at
Label17ShiftMult Scale field shifts by this factor
Write tuning coefficients to the Log window

M Range

QuantumNumberGroup The quantum number range selects the range of the projection of the total angular momentum along the field direction, M, that is calculated and plotted.
Label4XMin Minimum M to include in plot
Label5XMax Maximum M to include in plot