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A Perturbation in SO

This file reproduces the isolated perturbation required to simulate v' = 7 of the A 3Π state in SO, as described in "The A 3Π state of SO", J M F Elks and C M Western, J. Chem. Phys. 110, 7699 (1999). See equation 6, and figures 4 and 5. To simulate the perturbation, an extra state, here labelled "Dark", is added to the upper manifold (for the A state), and a single perturbation term (Luncouple, equivalent to J+L-+J-L+) is added linking this state with v' = 7 of the A state. Two data files are provided:
The plot below shows a fragment of the simulation, with the upper (black) trace the overall simulation, the middle (green) trace being transitions from the A state and the lower (red) trace the transitions from the perturbing state.