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Installation - Linux


PGOPHER should run on most recent Linux distributions as is provided the correct libraries are installed, mainly Gnome support libraries. Most calculations will run on any  machine; larger calculations involving multiple states can benefit from more memory or processors. Some features, particularly interactive fits, are much easier with a two or three button mouse rather than a trackpad or touch screen.

Files to Download

The website has various tar files. The main ones are:

If running a 64 bit operating system the 64 bit version is reccomended, though the 32 bit version will run on 64 bit systems, provided the appropriate 32 bit libraries are installed.

For either version, simply download and unpack then .tgz  file using the command line (tar xvf <filename>) and run the PGOPHER executable (./pgopher). Executables (slave and tabslave) are also provided for the Slave Editor in the tar file, and this should be kept in the same directory as the PGOPHER executable. To use a local copy of the documentation, unzip the file in the same directory; this will produce a directory "Help".

Usage Notes