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Installation - Mac

The Mac version is not as polished as the Windows version, but should be perfectly usable. Any problems are likely to be user interface glitches only, rather than the calculations. (A comprehensive test suite for the calculations passes on all systems.)


PGOPHER should run on any recent Mac. Most calculations will run on any machine; larger calculations involving multiple states can benefit from more memory or processors. Some features, particularly interactive fits, are much easier with a two or three button mouse rather than using the trackpad or 1-button mouse.


The website has the following files available:
Simply double click on the zip file to produce the application that can be run in the normal way. The application is not signed, so more recent versions of OS X will give a security warning. In this case to run PGOPHER for the first time control click or right click on the PGOPHER icon and select "Open".  You may also see a warning about running a 32 bit version of a program; a 64 bit version is under development, and may be available from the development versions link (look for files with "cocoa" in the name), but it still has some user interface glitches. A PowerPC version is available on request.

Usage Notes

Command Line Version

The Command Line Version is included in the .zip file above; if you have installed PGOPHER to the desktop in will be in ~/Desktop/

Retina Displays

The the following setting may be required on the command line (terminal window) for best results:
defaults write AppleMagnifiedMode -bool no
This command is only required once. The Retinizer app ( or similar may also be worth experimenting with.