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Bitmap Plot

This allows parameters such as the baseline and offset of the bitmap spectrum to be altered.  For more information on altering these parameters, see the section on bitmap overlays.


Units Horizontal Axis units.
IntensityUnits Selects vertical units for plot. If you use "Arbitrary" or "Squared" here, then the plot will always be scaled to the full range available, unless AutoMin or AutoMax are not set
Colour Colour for plot.
Hide Set to hide this plot
ZeroValid Set if zero in data is correct.
FixCentre Apply FrequencyScale so that centre does not move if set
AutoMin If set, Ymin automatically updated to minimum point in plot range
AutoMax If set, Ymax automatically updated to maximum point in plot range
TwoD (Future use)
Xpixel1 Horizontal Pixel corresponding to Frequency1
Xpixel2 Horizontal Pixel corresponding to Frequency2
BaselinePixel Vertical Pixel corresponding to BaselineIntensity
MaximumPixel Vertical Pixel corresponding to MaximumIntensity

Bounds of active region for plate scanning - see Tracing Plate Spectra



FrequencyOffset Frequency offset used when displaying plot.(This is not the same as "Offset" in the constants window (and in the main window), which changes the frequency offset of the simulation.)
FrequencyScale Scaling factor for frequency; see also FixCentre
Ymin Lower end of current plot range; overwritten with lowest value in current range if AutoMin set
Ymax Upper end of current plot range; overwritten with lowest value in current range if AutoMin set
Frequency1 Frequency at Xpixel1.
Frequency2 Frequency at Xpixel2.
BaselineIntensity Intensity at BaselinePixel - normally 0.
MaximumIntensity Intensity at MaximumPixel - normally 1.
PlateAngle Angle of lines on plate with respect to vertical - see Tracing Plate Spectra