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Electronic State

One of these is required for each electronic sate for which vibrational structure is to be simulated. Mode specific settings are contained in the Vibrational Mode objects beneath the state, and possibly also Nuclear Co-ordinates for the state.


Colour Colour - set to "None" to take value from elsewhere.
RveSelect Only include given rovibronic symmetry - for normal use set to 'all'
S Electron Spin
Symmetry Symmetry of electronic state


Origin State Origin.
Width Linewidth (rotation independent) for state.
A Spin-orbit coupling constant.
LambdaSS Spin - spin coupling constant (=1.5*ε).
o Spin-spin coupling constant giving lambda doubling for Omega = 0 states.
Emax Maximum energy to include in the vibrational basis.


Right click on the item in the constants window for the following operations in addition to the standard ones:

l Matrix...
Bring up the The l Matrix Window for the current state.
Print Information
Show calculated state information in the log window
Fix Centre of Mass Shift atomic co-ordinates so centre of mass is at the origin
Normalize Scale vibrational co-ordinates to be correctly normalized.
Orthogonalize As "Fix Centre of Mass" and "Normalize", but also force the normal modes to be orthogonal to all the other normal modes, including translation and rotation.