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Forbidden Transition Moment

This is very similar to the Spherical Tensor Transition Moment, with the exception that there is no restriction placed on the possible change in Σ (the projection of S.) The only selection rule enforced is that |ΔΩ| = Component. This type of transition moment is required for some forbidden transitions, where the other available types of transition moment give no transitions because they enforce the selection rules too rigidly.


Rank Rank of transition.
Component |ΔΩ|
Magnetic If this transition follows magnetic dipole selection rules; must be set for any g-g or u-u transitions, and clear for u-g transitions. It affects the of the


Strength Transition moment. For one photon transitions this has units of Debye if Magnetic is false, otherwise Bohr magnetons. Note that the relative intensity is proportional to the square of this value.