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Spin Parity Magnetic Transition Moment

This has the same matrix elements as a Spin Magnetic Transition Moment, with exception of the selection rule on Λ which is controlled by the Lambda setting. The sign of this setting is important; a positive sign indicates that the changes in Λ and Σ have the same sign; a negative value indicates they have opposite signs. With the default values of Component = 1, Lambda = -2 this is the parity dependent anisotropic g factor, gl', as used (for example) in Zeeman studies of BaF by Steimle et al, Phys Rev A 84, 012508 (2011) 10.1103/PhysRevA.84.012508. The file 138BaF.pgo can be used to reproduce table II of this paper.

Acknowledgements are due to Jeroen Maat (Groningen) for help in implementing this.


Rank Rank of transition - 1 for a normal magnetic dipole transition.
Component Change in Σ
Lambda Change in Λ; sign indicates relative sign change with respect to Σ


Strength Transition (dipole) moment in units of the Bohr magneton.