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Overlays Menu

Paste Paste spectrum (bitmap or experimental) overlay from clipboard
Paste Another Add a spectrum to the current overlays from the clipboard
Select Region Select a region of the overlayed spectrum for action (this can temporarily remove unwanted parts of the overlay from the main window).
Clear Selection Clear selection of overlayed spectrum (this cancels the action of "Select Region").
Invert Invert all overlayed spectra
Clear Overlays Remove all overlayed spectra
Properties... Show details of overlayed spectra. See the section on the overlay window for more information.
Calibrate... Show calibration Dialog. See Calibrating Spectra for how to use this.
On Import,
Prompt for data selection
If checked, then any data import will force the display of the Pick Channels Dialog, allowing the type of the data in the input file to be selected. If this is not checked, the file format is auto detected.
On Import, Default to Arbitrary Units If not checked, on importing the vertical scale will be set to Normalised. Use this to ensure a vertical scale is shown on experimental spectra.
Use Peak Fitter If checked find peaks by fitting to a function (experimental).
Autofit... See Automatic Fitting.
Delete Last Peak Delete last measured peak. (Measuring peaks is generally done when carrying out line position fitting, when assigning overlayed peaks to the simulation)
Clear All Peaks Delete all measured peaks