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Overlays Window

This window is accessible through "View, Overlays" (or "Overlays, Properties" in the overlays) menu, and allows you to load one or more overlay files, and to adjust and/or float various overlay parameters. One or more overlays may be in use at once.  To select the overlay required, click on its number in the "Overlays" box on the left hand side of the window, or select from the list at the top. The appearance of the overlay window will vary, depending on whether the overlaid spectrum is an experimental spectrum or a bitmap (follow these links for more information).

Load overlay file. Note that the upper button loads a single overlay file, clearing the current overlay. The lower button adds to the current overlay.
Save all overlays
Save all overlays to a different file. Note that the upper button saves all overlays, the lower just the current one.
Copy current overlay to clipboard
Add another overlay from the clipboard
Fix all parameters, i.e. set Float = "no" for all parameters.
Cycle through units (cm-1, nm, MHz, Kelvin and eV), converting parameter values as appropriate each time. For overlays this is not normally required, as the the position units will be converted automatically to those selected for the main plot. Note also that in the overlays window the convert operation is applied to the currently selected object, not the entire tree of objects.
Copy peaks to clipboard
Delete peaks from this overlay