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Show molecular constants window. See the constants window for general information, and the objects section for more information on individual constants.
Show line list window. See the section on line fitting for more about using this window.
Show log window. The contents of this window is described in the section on the log window, and more about using this window is given in the sections on line fitting and contour fitting.
Bring up the Residuals Window that plots the observed-calculated (or other values) from the most recent fit.
Show overlay details
Show states of a particular J and symmetry. See the states window for more information.
Show selected transitions. More about this window is explained in the transition window section.
Show an energy level plot.
Another Plot
Open another spectrum window
Arrange Windows
Try and arrange PGOPHER windows around main window
Window Style Standard Secondary windows not on taskbar and can hide behind main window
Window Style On Top Secondary windows always on top of main window and not on taskbar
Window Style Independent Secondary windows independent of main window
View time spent in various routines
Show memory usage
Set the number of independent threads of calculation. For simple (quick) calculations and single CPU systems leave this set to "single process" as there is some overhead associated with parallelizing the calculations. For systems with 2 or more CPU's setting the number of threads to twice the number of CPU's can result in significant speed up. It may be worth adjusting the multiple, depending on the nature of the calculation.
Clear Log
Clear log window
Clear Cache
Clear any saved calculations. This can be useful to prevent PGOPHER using too much memory, and may be required if a calculation fails.
Clear Observed
Clear observed line marks from plot.