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Calculated Intensity Weight (CalculatedIWeight)

This object is placed under an Experimental Plot object to allow a estimated error or weight to be specified in Contour Fitting as a function of intensity or frequency. The value of the expression is taken as the estimated error of the observation. A possible function might be:


where 5 represents the average error in the baseline, and the error increases as the square root of the signal, typical of photon counting. The function will be evaluated for each data point. If present, two additional curves are plotted either side of the extra curve, indicating +/- the estimated error. Notes:

Built In Variables

Point number
The x (Position) value
The y (Intensity) value
The estimated error in the position (not currently used in contour fits).
The estimated error in the intensity, if present in the original data, 1 otherwise.
The number of points.


Active True if object is to be used
nDebug Set non zero to write information to the log window on each use - See expressions