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Experimental Plot

This allows the parameters and settings of the experimental overlay to be changed. This appears in the overlays window (accessible through the overlays menu, and "Properties") - see this section for more information on experimental overlays.


Units Horizontal Axis units.
IntensityUnits Selects vertical units for plot. This has the same possible values as for a simulation, though the interpretation is slightly different:
  • Arbitrary - plot will always be autoscaled to full range available, and a vertical axis will typically not be displayed.
  • Normalized - A vertical scale is displayed, and the same scaling is used for simulations and the overlay.
  • Squared - plot will always be autoscaled to full range available
  • nm2MHzperMolecule - for normal absorption
  • cm2WavenumberperMolecule - for normal absorption
  • HzperMolecule - for emission
For the last three the experimental data is taken to be in the correct units, and will be converted when plotting to that chosen in the simulation object. For this to work correctly, the baseline in the data should be correct.
Colour Colour for plot.
Hide Hide this plot
ZeroValid Set if zero in data is correct.
FixCentre Select style of frequency scaling; see FrequencyScale below.
AutoMin If set, Ymin automatically updated to minimum point in plot range
AutoMax If set, Ymax automatically updated to maximum point in plot range
FirstPoint First point to use in fitting and plotting. (Note that the point number under the mouse is shown at the bottom of the overlays window).
LastPoint Last point to use in fitting and plotting.
IsLineList Set to treat data as a list of line positions, optionally with intensity.
Convolute Set to convolute experimental spectrum with simulation linewidth(s).
ComponentType (Future Use)


FrequencyOffset Frequency offset used when displaying plot. Note this is distinct from Offset in the constants window (and in the main window), which changes the frequency offset of the simulation.
FrequencyScale Scaling factor for horizontal scale. The correction formula used is:

If FixCentre is set:
 f ' = (f-fav)*FrequencyScale + FrequencyOffset
where fav is the average of the highest and lowest frequencies. This means that the centre of the plot only shifts by FrequencyOffset, regardless of the scale used.

If FixCentre is clear (default):
f ' = f*FrequencyScale + FrequencyOffset

Ymin Lower end of current plot range; overwritten with lowest value in current range if AutoMin set
Ymax Upper end of current plot range; overwritten with lowest value in current range if AutoMin set
Baseline Baseline position.
Scale Vertical scale factor used in plotting.
Gaussian Width of Gaussian function to convolute plot with.