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Tree Popup Menu

This window appears on right-clicking on an object in the tree view, in either the constants or the overlays window. Additional items may appear, depending on the type of the object.


Rename Object.


Copy object and children to clipboard.

Copy With Linked Items

Copy selected node and items linked to it (i.e. items lower down in the hierachy).


Insert object from clipboard here.


Delete selected object.

Move Up

Move selected object up one place in the tree view.

Move Down

Move selected object down one place in the tree view.

Extra Items for Constants Window

Add new ...

Insert new object here

Convert to Perturbations

Convert parameters to perturbations

Matrix Elements

Show all matrix elements for the current state in the log

Symmetry Table

Show symmetry table in the log.

Add All Levels

Add all levels to custom populations - see Non-Boltzmann Populations

Export to CSV...

If a single object is selected, export the object and all objects of that type under the same parent to a .csv file. If multiple objects are selected, export all the selected objects. A file name is prompted for. The file produced has one line for each object, with the line containing the object name, then the settings and finally the parameters. The first line of the file contains the setting and parameter names for the currently selected object.

Extra Items for Overlays Window


Invert current spectrum.


Hide this overlay

Hide Others

Hide all other overlays

Show All

Show all overlays


Undo last operation